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Jared Collins was naked and bleeding from every orifice, tied at the ankles and the wrists, his hands, what was left of them, bound behind him. Murphy no longer thought of him as human. Instead, she saw him as merely an object of pleasure-a pleasure she had learned the hard way, when she had finally been able to do to her foster parents what they had done to her when she was too young to fight back.

Now her victim was no longer good for even that. Murphy set a thick telephone book on the floor in front of Collins and then placed a towel on top of the phone book. As she slowly walked around behind him, she put the .22-caliber bullet in the magazine, slid the magazine into the handle of the gun, pulled the slide back and released it. In the quiet of the run-down house, the sound of the small pistol slide cycling the solitary bullet from the magazine into the chamber of the weapon sounded as loud as the slide on a pump shotgun.

"Lean forward and rest your forehead on the towel," Murphy commanded.

As Collins complied, Murphy could see that he was so physically, emotionally, and spiritually defeated that even though he knew what was about to happen, he didn't care. In fact, Murphy knew that at this moment he yearned for the release that death could bring. She had seen the surrender in his eyes and heard it in his voice. She knew that Collins believed that death would provide the antidote for the pain, the struggle, and, most importantly, the horror that he was being forced to endure.

As was her custom, Murphy asked her last question, "Do you have any final words?"

"Please, I have a wife and two little girls." The plea was weak, half-hearted, and given with the obvious knowledge that it was useless.
The comment caused Murphy to hesitate for a second. "I'm sure they'll miss you."

Murphy placed the muzzle of the Walther P22 pistol in the small indentation at the base of Collins' skull. She positioned the muzzle just above his hairline, and angled the barrel so the bullet would travel from the base of the skull toward the top of the forehead through the medulla oblongata, commonly known as the brain stem. She knew that this, the most primitive part of the human brain, controlled the involuntary routine functions of the major organs, including the heart and lungs.

With one hand on Collin's back to make sure that his forehead remained in contact with the towel, Murphy slowly squeezed the trigger.
As the .22-caliber hollow-point Stinger entered the back of Jared's skull, it followed its path through the brain stem, continued through the bottom of the temporal lobe, then through the frontal lobe, exiting the skull at Jared's forehead. It then passed through the towel and entered the phone book.

The bullet only made it as far as the Ds.